Dr. Damir Šnjarić
DMD, MSc, PhD at Mecial Faculty Rijeka, School of Dentistry

For everyone who enjoyed the road From the Root to the Crown, webinar, here is more detailed review of the KaVo-Kerr products developed and designed for everyday endodontic and restorative clinical practice.

The approach of this webinar is to be more focused on details, experience, impressions and practical recommendations. What are the important issues when we use apex locator with individual calibration (Apex ID)? Where are TF Adaptive files located in ever-expanding endodontic rotary files universe? How to combine TF Adaptive files for better outcome? How to deal with the instrumentation failures and mistakes? Why should we be equipped with KaVo-Kerr elements e-motion endo-motor in our offices? Can we really improve our root canal obturation with ‘continuous wave’ technique using Elements IC?

Throughout the webinar, these and many other questions will be addressed and hopefully answered when we go from the root to the crown and back… again!