Dr. Terry Wong

One of the more frequent aesthetic complaints by our patients is their discoloured front tooth/ teeth. The management of these cases can be difficult both on an Indirect and Direct treatment basis. The major advantage of managing these cases by direct Composite Resin is the ability for the immediate “try in” and shade modification at chairside. Resin is available in numerous colours so matching the tooth colour or improving the colour of teeth is possible. It is sometimes necessary to mix colours to achieve a better result. The skill in achieving a good result is dependent on the expertise of the person performing the treatment.

In this webinar, participants will learn how they can push the limits of modern day composites. This involves using a combination of universal and bulk-fill composites to restore large dental cavities/replace cusps efficiently without compromising on performance and esthetics.


  • The application of Composite Resin for masking discolouration
  • How to choose the appropriate shades of Composite Resin to mask
  • The use of Composite tints in masking and characterisation

Tue, May 19
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (
CEST, Berlin)